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We are a boutique, independent school registered with the New Zealand Ministry of Education. We are an alternative to school, and in order to understand us we encourage you to research 'school alternatives' as well as 'progressive' or 'free schools' that have existed in parallel with the traditional education model, for as long as public schools have existed.


Our days are spent in mixed-age groups, in a screen-free rural environment. We believe in bodywork before bookwork and certainly before any screen work. We strongly believe that


  • Childhood should be enjoyable

  • Young people have the right to know themselves before they embark on learning about the world

  • Learning works well when initiated by the learner

  • Learning in natural settings broadens our capacity for wonder. It widens our perspectives beyond immediate realm of understanding to include things that are senior to us

  • Ethical solutions to our challenges will only be possible when they are inspired by an emotional connection to nature


This website will continue to evolve to demonstrate what we are about, our goals and how we are looking to achieve them. It will include work and opinion pieces written by influencers, educators and contributors whose voices resonate with us and whose work we support. If you like what you are reading, please get in touch with us.

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